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  • Good job……it’s better if you can upload english medium biology papers of leading schools.

  • This is a good work.It is very useful to A/L students.

  • I’m Asiri from Dharmaraja college Kandy. This website is great. Very Useful. Thank you.

  • im chathu.this is best.good luck.i wish to improve this site

  • I want Commerce papers in recent years,Can you help me

  • I’m from Kurunegala.Can you upload answers of papers in 2015

  • Many of students want Tamil medium papers and practicals

  • Haven’t you upload the marking scheme of 2015 term test chemistry paper?

  • Good job. bt no more Commerce scheam papers. plz thnk about that.

  • the best work, that you are i a/l student this web site is good help for me, not only me others too. ,and iwish to you all for done this work your best.andalso i like to request tt you that, upload tamil medium papers to this web site. Once again thank you.

  • Good work But we need tamil medium papers for science stream of famous schools….

  • Watch this–

  • We reqire Grade 10 & 11 term test papers

  • we also need past papers on bio stream, try to upload.
    but wish you to bring this great job further

  • Tamil translation can be made available for physics and chemistry.Please inform me the proceedure.

  • No include Biology , Physics , Chemistry 1st term papers of Rahula College

  • I appreciate your work.Well Done ! Thank you for sharing knowledge with us. I am a Combined Maths teacher from western province leading school. I like to upload my papers to ur site if u like. I searched for a link to download my papers. Send me email to how to upload them to ur site Thanks putha u have done a great job to the society

  • Please include English medium papers!! Aparaade all these leading schools’ papers at our fingertips… And not one in English!

  • Hi, I want 2002year G.C.E A/L agriculture Mcq with answers…. can you help me???

  • I’m Janith from Boys college Malabe. This website is very useful for A/L students. thank you.

  • Can u add tamil medium papers

  • This is a good work and it helps many students who is doing A level

  • can you send me A/L business studies papers

  • can you give a good physics book,and achemistry book like ravon biology?

  • thank you very much for the raven biology book.and can you add a good book for the chemistry and physics also.

  • thank you

  • This is so great! May you guys have the courage to continue this.BUT please try to upload the papers along with answers. Nevertheless thank you again!

  • Thak you very much

  • It’s a good job…and pls post Tamil medium papers toooo

  • Cant I get the answers of model papers?

    • Most papers are with answers. But we can’t find the marking scheme for all the papers. Thanks for connecting with vibhawa. Good Luck!

  • good job!go onnn!

  • can I get 2016 ict model ppr?

  • thanks for your help…………………..

  • can i get chemistry 2016 model paper

  • Good job!but plz try to uplod this ppz with answers.

  • Can I get the answers of 2016 combined maths and physics seminar papers in english?

  • It is better if u upload tamil medium papers also…

  • Thank u very much…!?

  • Z there any alternative ways to translate this sinhala medium papers to English o Tamil??? Can u pls say which type of coding they have used here to get this sinhala letters??? I tried my best but couldn’t catch the type of coding

  • A great website…. Very use full
    Its more better if u upload Tamil medium papers too or else sinhala letters without coding(in its own font)

  • Thank you sooo much.. it was really helpful!
    And you could upload 2016 final term test papers of cmb schools please??

  • This is a good work.It is very useful to A/L students.

  • can you put answer sheets of science stream papers?

  • can I get more grade 12 first term papers in english medium?


  • I am really appreciating you,,great work,,I,think this will be best of the best if you can enter more and more,papers

  • While I was stuck in seeking pictures for my biology practical book,was informed through a friend that Ravon and johnson Biology Book is available at your site.I was consoled with it.As that book is expensive,this is worth while for us. I actually appreciate your procedure and wish to become more facilitated.Acknowledge the other students of this anyway.Thank you for this.I am Hassen from Central College-Veyangoda.

  • this is really a good job.. thanks a lot… better if you could find some more past papers of Colombo’s leading schools ???

  • a great service. thank you very much. this website is very useful one to us.

  • Nice job

  • could you please upload 3rd term test papers of royal college,visakha vidyalaya ,devi ,ananda in 2016

    • Will try to upload those exam papers ASAP. Keep in touch 🙂

  • the website is very good.But hope you guys can upload english medium papers of physics, chemistry, and combined maths.

  • very useful… good job. thank you vibhawa team. im sujani from mahamaya girls’college kandy

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